Advanced Business Hours


Display your business hours in a fun and interactive way. Show customers a countdown until your open or how long until you close. Add special holiday hours or different images when you are open closed. The customization possibilities are endless!


Let the world know you open in 3 hours 47 minutes or that you close in less than an hour! A fun and interactive display with pre-programmable holiday hours and closings

  • Display start and end business hours
  • Add multiple opening hours for individual days
  • Display open 24 hours for certain days
  • Display business hours using 12-hour clock format
  • Display business hours using 24-hour clock format NEW
  • Display business hours for the entire week
  • Display business hours for today
  • Display weekdays as short format (ex: Mon/Tue/Wed)
  • Group consecutive days with the same start and end hours
  • Display tomorrow’s hours NEW
  • Hide hours when closed NEW
  • Hide hours when open NEW
  • Option to display counter for closing and opening hours
  • Using shortcodes to place the widget on any post or page
  • Using Font Awesome icons to replace the existing calendar image
  • Holidays & Special Days NEW


  • Customize all messages
  • Custom messages before and after the widget
  • Upload images for opening and closing hours to replace the default header
  • Custom message during holidays and special days NEW